1975 Bronco

A blistering 500HP at the rear wheels in a supercharged Coyote crate engine – do you need to hear anymore?!?

73 ford bronco passenger side angle

1972 Early Ford Bronco

A ground-up frame-off restoration brought this ’72 early Ford Bronco back to life. Powered by a new Ford Racing Coyote 5.0L crate engine and an automatic overdrive tranny, you’ll be holding tight to the 6-point roll cage on the regular. We’ve finished it with a vintage-looking green PPG Custom paint and new chrome bumpers and…

1971 ford bronco passenger side front panel

1971 Early Ford Bronco


Kandy is sexy, exciting, mysterious, and can do things you never imagined. Our 1971 Kandy red early Bronco is what you want to arrive with, no matter where you’re headed. Built on a Krawler’s Edge chassis and fitted with an Atlas transfer case and dual 9” axles, 18” Fuel wheels, Borla exhaust, and long-arm James…

1974 ford bronco bronco passenger side front 3/4

1974 Early Ford Bronco

There’s no missing this truck in a parking lot. After its complete frame-off restoration, this ’74 Early Ford Bronco is better than showroom new. From its PPG Custom paint job to polished Pacer 164 wheels and both a suspension and body lift, it has eye appeal that no one can deny.  This custom Bronco features…

76 ford bronco passenger side front

1976 Early Ford Bronco

From pencil scratches on a napkin to a completed build, Early Ford Broncos can make your dream vehicle a reality. This commissioned build was all the client’s idea including the Ford Racing Coyote 5.0-liter crate engine, Atlas transfer case, and Velocity Exclusive serpentine system. Chrome accessories, JW Speaker LED headlights, custom PPG Paint color, and…

71 bronco passenger side 1

1971 Early Ford Bronco

Nothing matches the look of an icon like this ‘71 Early Ford Bronco, and its modern upgrades give it the feel and drive of a new model. The fully restored ’71 early Bronco body has been painstakingly finished in a blue PPG Custom paint and dressed up in chrome accents.  Tucked under the body is…

1976 Early Ford Bronco

You’ll appreciate the customizations done to this ’76 Early Bronco that retain its original spirit… just better. A LOT better. A Ford Racing Coyote 5.0 Crate engine and automatic overdrive tranny mark the perfect starting point for this restoration. We’ve even added a Magnaflow Dual Exhaust. From there, it goes a little off the rails. …

77 ford bronco passenger side 1

1974 Early Ford Bronco

Drive Train Ford Racing Coyote 5.0 Crate Engine 4R70 4-Speed Transmission Dana 20 Transfer Case  Velocity Exclusive Serpentine System 3″ Performance Exhaust Exterior Custom PPG Paint Chrome Accessories Interior Low Back Front Seats with OEM Style Rear Dakota Digital Instrument Cluster Vintage Air A/C System Pioneer Digital Head Unit Kicker Stereo System Chassis 2.5” Suspension…

1969 ford bronco front angle passenger side

1969 Supercharged Early Ford Bronco

Here’s the perfect example of what an ‘AHA’ moment and an Early Ford Bronco can turn into. Neatly tucking a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 crate engine and a 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger under the hood, this ’69 Bronco induces whiplash everywhere it goes. No doubt, you’ll hear its 3-inch performance exhaust coming a mile away. Customizations on…

73 brittany blue bronco passenger front panel

1973 Early Ford Bronco

Stir together classic performance and style with modern features, and you’ve got this ’73 Early Ford Bronco. It’s built with a 302c.i. V8 and 5-speed manual tranny, plus cable twin-stick shifters for rock-solid performance. Sandy beaches, mountain terrain, or paved roads – its 2.5-inch suspension lift, T-Rex radius arms, and Wilwood disc brakes with HydroBoost…

1976 ford bronco

1976 Early Ford Bronco

When only the best resto-mod will do, check out this ’76 Early Ford Bronco. An absolutely exquisite green PPG Custom paint job with copper highlights set the mood as ‘green with envy’. Even the wheels have matching green beads with top-end Baer 6-piston brakes hiding behind. There’s more custom work in this build than you…

1972 grey ford bronco side view

1972 Early Coyote Ford Bronco

Impeccable contrast is the name of the game with our 1972 Early Ford Bronco. An immaculate PPG Custom white paint is off-set by deep, dark blacked-out accents like Velocity exclusive bumpers, powder-black American Racing wheels, headlight trim bezels. If the classic Bronco look is its Yin, the Yang is its 2.5-inch suspension lift, power retracting…

1974 ford bronco passenger side front end 2/4

1974 Early Ford Bronco

The glossy orange PPG paint on this ’74 classic Bronco will command your rapt attention, but that’s not the end of it. After a frame-off restoration, you’ll want to hit the open road and unleash a few ponies in super-style. Color-matched fender flares, Velocity Exclusive bumpers, Pacer wheels, new chrome accessories, a 6-point roll cage,…

71 bronco passenger side 1

1974 Early Ford Bronco

Classic style, precision performance, modern features. Our recently completed full frame-off ’74 Early Ford Bronco restoration turned out perfectly. It’s been lifted 3.5” on a Velocity Built 4-link chassis with Fox Racing coilovers and 17” Fuel wheels, then powered by a blazing fast Ford racing Coyote 5.0L crate engine.  The details are almost endless –…

69 ford bronco custom bumper

1969 Early Ford Bronco

A surfboard across the 6-point roll cage may be the only thing that makes this ’69 Early Ford Bronco look better than it does. Oh, and YOU in the driver’s seat.  We’ve blended the looks of this off-road icon with modern power and tech including a Coyote 5.0L V8 crate engine, our Velocity Exclusive serpentine…

1973 ford bronco camo

1973 Early Ford Bronco

Even though there’s camo, there’s no chance you’re going to blend in. Our fully-custom ’73 Early Bronco gives you a look completely unique. Deep gray PPG Custom paint is accented by camo-pattern seat covers and a custom sunbrella. The custom theme continues with step-out doors, VR Exclusive bumpers, and a YETI mount at the rear….

75 ford bronco custom front bumper

1975 Early Ford Bronco

The votes are in. Sunset orange is the new favorite PPG Custom paint, and this ’75 Early Ford Bronco is covered in it. Nothing sets it off better than satin black details all around, including the 17” Pacer wheels wrapped in 33’s. A howlin’ Ford Racing Coyote 5.0L crate engine and sturdy 4WD components add…

67 white ford bronco with bikini top

1967 Early Ford Bronco

A one-off custom classic with the iconic Bronco name? Yes please! The frame-off restoration is finished in a brilliant white PPG Custom paint and sits on Pacer billet wheels. Equipped with a Ford Racing 5.0-liter Coyote engine and a 4R70 automatic tranny, this is the ’67 Early Ford Bronco is a paradox – both a…

68 ford bronco front end passenger side 2/4

1968 Early Ford Bronco

Custom built for a discerning client, this ’68 Early Bronco is a perfect testimonial to what we can do. The frame-off restoration gets custom PPG paint, chrome jewelry, and modern headlights from JW Speaker. Powered by a 5.0L Coyote crate engine and 4R70 auto tranny stuck to a Dana 44 front axle and 9” rear…

1969 ford bronco passenger side front 3/4

1969 Early Ford Bronco

A classic early Bronco with the quality of today’s manufacturing. Our ’69 Bronco is what restomod buffs are looking for – period-correct wheels and hub caps, original Patina paint color, and snazzy chrome accessories. We’ve brought it into the 21st century with JW Speaker headlights, a 2.5” suspension lift with long arms, Hydroboost-assisted braking, and…

73 ford bronco passenger side angle

1973 Early Ford Bronco

Drive Train Ford Racing Coyote 5.0 Crate Engine 4R70 4-Speed Automatic Transmission  Velocity Exclusive Serpentine System 3″ Performance Exhaust Exterior Custom PPG Paint Chrome Accessories JW Speaker Headlights Interior High Back Front Seats with Rear Fold and Tumble Dakota Digital Instrument Cluster Vintage Air A/C System Pioneer Digital Stereo Kicker Sound System Chassis 2.5” Suspension…

77 bronco passenger side front angle

1977 Early Ford Bronco

Starting at $199,000.00

More than 50 years since first rolling off the assembly line, this ’77 Early Ford Bronco is better than new. We’ve given this Bronco the attention it deserves with blue PPG Custom paint, classic chrome bumpers and accessories, and Mickey Thompson Polished wheels wrapped in 33” BF Goodrich All Terrain Tires. But this icon is…

1973 Early Ford Bronco

Starting at $199,000.00

A classic Bronco re imagined. This ’73 Early Bronco is a billboard of what’s possible when our passion and skill come together. Classic and captivating black PPG Custom paint accents the iconic body lines while Velocity Exclusive chrome bumpers and JW Speaker LED headlights add modern toughness. The automatic overdrive transmission under the hood? That’s…

73 bronco outdoor photo

1973 Early Ford Bronco

Starting at 199,000.00

About as subtle as a snakebite is this ’73 Early Ford Bronco. From the bright blue PPG Custom paint to the deep rumble of 3” performance exhaust exhaling from the Coyote crate engine, this early bronco is here to make a statement. Jacked up 17” Mickey Thompson wheels,  a 2.5” suspension lift and premium chassis…

1972 ford bronco passenger side door

1972 Early Ford Bronco


You can’t have too much of a good thing, and this 1972 Bronco takes it to the extreme.We’ve pulled all the custom punches with this Early Ford Bronco, packing a 5.0L Coyote V8 into a fully-refinished chassis on a 2.5-inch suspension lift. A custom sound system, Dakota Digital gauges, power-retracting steps, 6-point roll cage with…

bronco header picture

1976 Early Ford Bronco


No other Early Bronco design gets more inquisitive looks than a classic. We’ve completed this custom build with tons of unique features and upgrades to get even more stares. Powered by a Ford Coyote 5.0 engine mated to a 4R70 4- Speed  tranny, this truck can peel the tread off its 35’s in no time…

76 bronco chrome front bumper

1976 Early Ford Bronco


Fair warning – it’s time to make room in your garage. There’s no way you’re leaving this beauty outside. Nothing will make you happier than cruising in this Ford 302 powered restomod and soaking in all the stares it’ll get. It’s got a tough sound with long Tube Headers and Dual Magnaflow Mufflers, and its…

Generation II Bronco with chrome accents

1979 Early Ford Bronco


When you see it, your eyes are locked on this rare ‘79 Generation II Bronco. A cosmetic defect here and there gives this classic character. Running a 400 SBF Engine and C6 automatic transmission, this truck is stock through and through. With hardly worn factory seats and aluminum 15” wheels, this project truck is the…

1978 Early Ford Bronco


A classic Bronco at its finest. This Gen II is powered by an authentic  Ford 400 M Engine and c6 tranny. The epitome of stock, this beautiful big body is even equipped with its factory breaks! This truck is about as uncut as it gets! Drive Train Original Factory Ford 400 M Engine Original C6…